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Nano Technology in Aluminium is in Turkey with Aluwell..

Aluwell aluminium composite panel is a brand mark of panels manufactured by ALUMAX group founded in 1980 and based in Taiwan. The specialisation of ALUMAX group is to manufacture aluminium composite Sample Imagelaminating machines and aluminium coil coating lines and to establish aluminium composite panel production plants.

Why Aluwell ?

It decided to establish a production line in an area of 66,000 m² for itself thanks to the experience it has gained so far since its foundation, and established an aluminium composite panel production plants having an annual capacity of 6,000,000.- m² with high-technology machines which it manufactured itself, and it inspires confidence in this field owing to its experience.

In addition, it also achieved applying the nano technology, which becomes wider and wider today, into aluminium composite panels with the R&D department it formed within its own body. It manufactured the nano-pvdf coated panel whose invention patent is fully owned by ALUMAX group and which has dust and waterproof properties, It is therefore a pioneering firm which produces technologies instead of chasing such technologies.

And another reason why it is commonly preferred is that it is promoted and sold by the most distinguished firms due to the easy availability of access as it is a product demanded in the international markets. Thus ALUWELL is a high-quality and reliable brand mark to which you can easily gain access and which is pioneering in technology and suitable for everybody’s needs. 



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